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Tithing Doesn’t Mean Funding the Pope’s Gucci Shoe Collection

An important part of opening yourself up to receiving more is to give more. However, we’re not taught very well about this part of the equation.

In both my earlier book, Why Most Affirmations Fail and the Four Building Blocks of Successful Affirmations as well as my Money Materialization Course I go into great detail about how to tithe. This isn’t about giving money to a church. That was a racket that the Catholics helped put into place as a way to bring the Church more income. What better way to turn an organization into one of the richest institutions ever created than to guilt people and tell them they will rot in hell unless they tithe regularly to their church? Criminals and racketeers, the Catholics. And don’t forget how you could pay your priest to forgive your sins, a practice called granting “indulgences.” If you gave money to the priest (whatever amount the priest decided you could afford) then you would be granted an indulgence so your sin was wiped away. This practice was so rampant in the medieval and Renaissance periods that it’s one of the factors that pissed off Martin Luther enough to start the Protestant Reformation, which was his attempt to return Christian spiritual practice to something more resembling actual, genuine loving prayer and service — instead of picking people’s pockets all the time.

So when you think about the word “tithing,” please toss out just about every notion you already have about what it means and how it should be done, because your beliefs and perceptions will have been shaped by one of the most Luciferian (in the sense of being deeply dark and evil) organizations ever created. And everything they taught and teach has been distorted beyond belief, no longer remotely recognizable as something the real Jesus would have supported and encouraged.

Tithing is based on the metaphysical law that nature abhors a vacuum. When you give, you free up space to receive.

There are some tricks and potential booby-traps along the way, though.

For example, giving to a friend or family member doesn’t count because this is essentially selfish giving. You benefit from it. If you give your kids a car or help pay their rent or buy them an Ipad, this makes them happy, which in turn creates positive energy in your family, which benefits YOU.

Tithing is not about doing things which benefit you. Tithing is doing things which benefit SOMEBODY ELSE, preferably a stranger or someone you don’t know very well.

You can tithe by giving money, providing services, or simply doing good deeds. Generally speaking, though, like attracts like. So if your intention is to generate a better flow of money in your life, give money. If your intention is to attract better relationships and social happiness, give services or do nice deeds.

Tithing is still completely foreign to most people. It’s just not a circuit that’s activated in most people, sadly.

And giving money to an official “non-profit” is often a waste of good money since such a small percentage of your money will actually go to people or animals in need. It depends on the charity, but whenever you can, it’s generally better to give money directly to someone who could use it or make donations to the actual person instead of paying money towards a CEO’s salary.

The “Commander” of the Salvation Army’s last reported yearly salary was $126,920.

Recent yearly salary figures for the President and CEO of the Red Cross were $1,032,022 per year.

The head of UNICEF’s last reported salary was $472,891.

And if you look at analyses of how most charities spend their money, charities receive “excellent” or “good” ratings if they can spend at least 75% of donated money on the actual animals or people that charity supports. The rest of the money goes to overhead, salaries, fund-raising, advertising, etc.

There’s a lot of “funny money” in the world of charities.

There are very few charities I support, but some include

(Clean water unfortunately is a luxury and it turns out there are millions without access to clean water in the world.)

Heifer Project

(Instead of throwing money at poor people, this charity gives animals so that people around the world can start building their own micro-economies harvesting the animals’ wool, milk, etc. and moving into financial self-reliance.)

A charity around the corner from me; wonderful facility, wonderful people; your donations really do go toward providing care for special needs and elderly cats who would normally be euthanized; plus they are often able to find homes for these cats.

A family member formerly served on the board here; they rescue big cats who have often been abandoned, abused, forced to “work” in shoddy “zoos” or circuses.

Lakota Aid

A real lady from the UK has personally met the struggling Lakota elders on her small list of elders in need. You can contact her and get address info to send donations directly to these wonderful Lakota in need. Keep in mind that sometimes sending a check is not ideal because they can’t all get out to get to a bank; cash or money orders are often easier for them to receive. These people are REALLY struggling.

Remember, if you are just helping out a family member, you’re essentially helping yourself. That’s not altruistic.

Tithing is about using ALTRUISM, i.e, love for others beyond yourself, and stepping into their shoes empathetically for a few moments to help and give from the heart.

The nice thing about tithing is that if you do it regularly you will ensure your own steady flow of nice income and be placing yourself on the path to receiving even greater abundance over time. But you have to start connecting with the larger stream of humanity, and the larger stream of creation (including the plant and animal kingdoms) first.


Multiply What You Think You’re Worth by 3

Every year, inflation kicks in, and we see prices for everything from real estate taxes to gasoline to food costs go up. Some estimates state that prices go up, in general, about 3% a year, but as most of us know, this isn’t true at all. My health insurance premium goes up by 15% every year. Gas prices jump up and down all the time. The costs of two chicken breasts at the grocery story costs a couple of dollars more than it did just a few years ago.

If you work at a regular job for a flat salary, even IF you’re lucky enough to get a cost of living increase built into your pay each year, you’re still not going to be keeping up with the rates of inflation. And in an economy gone wild, as we’re seeing now across the world, we’re likely to see times of hyperinflation for many things. At the same time, deflation in other areas of the economy, like housing, will make it hard for people to get out of expensive situations like owning a home because they won’t be able to make any money from selling it and might, in fact, end up owing money on that home if they try to sell it. If you bought a house for $650,000 and now it’s worth $350,000 at best, what are you going to do?

What you are going to do is this: mentally multiply what you think you’re worth by at least a factor of three. And that’s the income you should be focusing on creating. Whether this happens through getting into a different industry or a new job where you can be paid more, developing investments and other multiple streams of income, or raising your prices if you are in a service-based business, DO IT NOW.

What you will see when you do that is an interesting effect. People who don’t value you very much will bitch and moan and complain, or insult you, or try to drag you down into their lack of self-worth and poverty consciousness.

And people who do value you will happily pay you what you’re worth, and they’ll even come back to buy more products or services from you.

If you are looking for a traditional job that pays better, you’ll have to hold your personal energy up very high and be very clear and project 100% self-confidence at interviews and negotiations.

If you can’t conceive of a reality in which you can triple your current income currently, at least, not at a conventional job, then please work on developing multiple streams of income ASAP. You need to do this. Everybody needs to be doing this. You need some cushion against an economy gone crazy, which is likely to experience many more years of growing pains before prices settle down and inflation slows down.

When I was able to switch from being a full-time counsellor to a full-time freelance writer, I started out at one rate of pay and then very quickly, within a year and a half, tripled my income. The only way I was able to do this was by being very careful about how many hours I was working and leaving more room in my schedule to take on additional work without burning myself out. But once I was in the flow, and clients liked my stuff, that helped me gain the confidence to approach bigger clients, who then hired me and paid me even better, and then those clients referred me to other publications and companies, and it all just dovetailed from there.

The numbers 3, 6, and 9 are very powerful, metaphysically speaking. It’s actually easier to triple your income than it is to double it. In numerology, these numbers are often associated with the Holy “Trinity” of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. For someone like me, who doesn’t follow conventional Judeo-Christian paths, I see them as more of a union of the male and the female coming together to create something and produce a “child” or a magnificent creation. You don’t have to believe in any of this for these numbers to be powerful; they just are.

So start thinking about ways by which you could conceivably triple the income you have coming in now. Does the concept seem impossible to you? Then you know you have some homework to do releasing internal blockages. Does the concept seem possible, but you still need help figuring out the details? Then get to work meditating, doing affirmations, or spending time connecting with your intuitive guidance. Affirm that you are receiving inspiration, practical help, and guidance every day to set you on the path of tripling your current income in a stable, fun, and effortless way. Keep focusing on this, affirming this, and go about your life. You’ll soon see signs and signals and helpful information everywhere advancing you in the direction of your desires.

Get going!


Willpower – The Underused Organ

We live in a dimension where beings have to compete for resources to survive. And everybody eats somebody else.

This system can suck on a lot of levels if you tend to be more of a dreamy, thoughtful and passive type of person because you are forced to summon up a very different type of energy if you want to keep your body supplied with food, clothing, and housing.

But we’re all beings who came here to CREATE. And part of creation, in this realm, involves exerting a tremendous amount of willpower if you want to get anything done.

We’re conditioned NOT to use our willpower. We’re told it’s bad. From day one of our lives, our parents punish us or scold us if we don’t conform to their desires and listen and obey.

As we come of age, we’re usually so indoctrinated by our school systems to only think what we’re told to think, and to mindlessly regurgitate “facts” which others intimidate us into believing are a true reflection of the world around us, that we really don’t know how to think or act for ourselves.

Willpower is truly an underused “organ” — for most of us, it has completely atrophied. We use our appendix more than we use our willpower.

Religions also condition us to distrust our willpower. When we do make a passionate decision to do something, this decision is usually policed by the “herd” of priests, ministers, religious elders, and other members of our tribal police force, and we’re almost always told that we’re being sinful. And if we’re TOO successful in exerting our will, then this makes us a bad person, too. If you’ve ever been a little TOO good at something, a little TOO accomplished or talented, you know what I mean.

Fuck that shit. Pardon my Anglo-Saxon. (Thanks to a special friend for that Anglo-Saxon reference!) :)

When people sit down to use a technique like affirmations, or they study a holistic healing technique and want to become healers, nobody teaches them about willpower. If you can’t use your willpower, none of the things you are setting out to do will ever be effective. And since most of us have a hell of a lot of baggage about using our wills strongly, boldly, and freely, and doing so without apologies, we’re already pretty handicapped when we set out to master simple energy techniques like manifestation, visualization, hands on healing, and more.

So. . . . do you even know what willpower is? Can you find it within yourself? Where does it sit, how does it feel? When have you used it, and when can you clearly remember tapping into it?

In Law of Attraction circles people often talk about setting a clear intention about what you want to manifest.

But if that intention isn’t powered by or fueled by strong willpower, nothing will happen. Your manifestations will fall flat and never take shape on the physical plane. In fact, you might end up manifesting the exact OPPOSITE of what you want to have happen.

In my Money Materialization Self-Study Course I teach you how to uncover blockages, negative tribal programming, and past conditioning which have made you afraid of using your willpower. If you want to learn to be more effective, more fulfilled, and more powerful in your daily life, you HAVE to reconnect with your willpower.

Sometimes people think about willpower as this difficult, heavy thing. They’ll talk about it in the context of wanting to change an unhealthy habit. “If I just had more willpower, I’d stop eating sweets and I’d be able to lose twenty pounds.”

But this isn’t really how willpower works. You use willpower when you’re sitting down in a chair and you decide to stand up. That’s a simple act of will most of us do dozens of times a day. Is that hard? No. Is that difficult? No. Does it involve intense emotional angst and internal struggle? God, I hope not! If you want to stand up, then fucking stand up.

If you want to create something, create it.

If you want to do something, do it.

Other people’s opinions, judgments, perceptions, projections and so on should have NOTHING to do with you exerting your willpower. Don’t drag them into it. Don’t involve them in it.

We have been heavily conditioned to believe that we’re like retarded kids who, when left to their own devices and allowed to express and utilize willpower, will only ever create a mess. (By the way, I use the word “retarded” in its original sense here, referring to a child who is developmentally retarded. I do not mean to use that word as an insult, I’m using it in its original, clinical sense.)

But too often I see incredibly nice, incredibly kind, incredibly empathetic people who are COMPLETELY unable to connect with their own will or give themselves permission to do the things they want because they’ve been trained to be afraid of using their willpower. Like the average person is going to build a nuclear plant and destroy the environment. Like the average person is going to become a homicidal maniac. Like the average person is going to commit horrible acts of mayhem and depravity – just because they decide to tap into their willpower. C’mon. Give me a break.

Most people police themselves so heavily, and then they allow the “tribe” to police them on top of that, that they doom themselves to horrific half-lives of stale energy, unfulfilled dreams, and vanquished hopes.

You can do better than that. And you know it.


All of Your Power Comes from This Present Moment

On the shamanic path that I follow, we’re taught that all of our power comes from THIS moment — from the things you do today, the energies you tap into today. It’s a very present-based system of spirituality, not one based in dwelling on the past or fretting about the future.

This doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful to poke at the past sometimes so you can unearth old, crusty things which need to be healed. You do need to understand what’s gone wrong before so you can correct it now.

But overall, our true power really DOES come from the present.

With any type of metaphysical practice some people might call “magic,” including healing, power prayer or applied faith, traditional magical working, or doing affirmations or visualizations, you really need to summon up a very strong emotional charge and a feeling of certainty that HERE, in THIS moment, you are creating marvelous things.

All of the other tricks like incense, candles, chanting, drumming, singing, dancing around like a spastic rabbit, or whatever else you do as part of your spiritual ritual are just tools and props designed to get you into the right space. Rituals don’t have power in and of themselves. It’s the energy they help you tap into, the feeling state they inspire you to experience, that’s the powerful part of the equation.

If you’re working with a technique like affirmations or doing any type of healing, I encourage you to focus less on what you want to create IN THE FUTURE and focus your attention on AFFIRMING WHAT YOU WANT IN THE PRESENT.

Because all change, all reality shifts, all timeline shifts, happen from THIS moment. Not a future one.

Too often, people approach their spiritual work from the standpoint of begging a deity — through prayer — for help. And that whole spiritual practice is about constantly feeling displaced from any type of authentic power, because you’re always in a state of hope, anxiousness, doubt, and powerlessness as you’re doing your spiritual practice.

Then people wonder why their prayers never work!

In the shamanic paths and the gnostic paths you don’t set yourself up as less than any god. You honor many spiritual allies and helpers from across multiple dimensions and from around the Universe, and you acknowledge that many of them are a hell of a lot smarter and more evolved than you. But you don’t put yourself BENEATH anybody. Instead, you enter into co-creation with Great Spirit, divine intelligence, etc. And you do this boldly, passionately, clearly, and without apology.

Try tweaking whatever you might be doing as part of your own spiritual practice to get more into feeling powerful in the present. Concentrate on affirming and giving thanks for all the wonderful things and experiences you are having NOW. Bring those feelings and desires down to Earth so you can enjoy them here, in this physical life.

Too often, spiritual practice is all about lining up rewards in a perceived afterlife instead of realizing that there IS no afterlife. There is just LIFE. It’s a continuum of life, and it may take many forms — like being in a physical body for a while and then hanging out in a less dense energy body after that transition we call “death.”

But it’s all life.

Learn how to be powerful, to exert your will, to create what you want, to affirm what you want NOW, and you’ll be setting up a powerful stream of energy and consciousness that will be with you forever — throughout time and space.


Understanding Energy Blockages

Whenever something isn’t working in your life, it means that you’re stuck. Energy isn’t moving. There’s a blockage somewhere.

This can be an internal block, like an emotional block or mental block. It can even be a spiritual one, with origins in a more metaphysical dimension. But there’s a block somewhere.

When energy isn’t flowing right, it means that “chi” isn’t flowing. “Chi” or “Ki” is an Eastern term referring to life force or vital energy. And healing techniques like acupuncture, pranic healing, and many other forms of holistic healing focus on clearing the physical body and energy body of blockages so that energy can flow properly again.

In life we have a physical body AND an energy body. Energy sensitives like me can see blockages in the energy body, which in turn create illness and emotional problems in a person’s physical life. Most forms of holistic healing were devised by people who could perceive these energy blockages and created a system through which students of that technique could also learn to identify energy blockages.

With acupuncture, you insert needles into various meridians and points on the body, which enhances blood flow on a physical level and energy flow throughout the nervous system and psyche. Pranic healing mostly involves clearing out various “chakras” or energy centers which overlap the physical body and control the flow of “chi” in and out of various organs.

I’m self-taught in many things, but I’m kind of a metaphysical magpie who has picked up various useful techniques from a bunch of different healing and spiritual traditions. I’ve studied pranic healing and made corrections to that system based on careful experimentation and some trial and error. I’m also someone who practices some shamanic traditions, but not as practiced by any one specific native or indigenous tribe. These include techniques like shamanic extraction, decording, and soul retrieval. All of these traditions teach ways to reclaim lost energy and to restore the flow of energy in the body and the psyche. They really work!

It can be hard doing healing work for family members since we are so closely connected to them, and our family members might be skeptical or resistant to receiving healing from us. My mother is quite receptive, my dad a little less so, but I try to do healing work on them periodically, especially since both of them have developed various knee and joint complaints over the years. When I work on my mother, like I did a few days ago, the pain she experiences at night in her knees and ankles lessens remarkably for a while. And I have helped my dad when he has had various infections and problems, and to some extent, also helped with some of his knee problems.

Any “patient” you’re working on as a healer also has to accompany the work you do for them with taking action on the physical plane to take better care of themselves. Unfortunately, my parents have struggled with weight issues for a long time, which add to their joint complaints. And unless they lost a lot of weight, the pressure on their delicate ankles, knees, and hips will continue to worsen over the years. So my role as their daughter, who loves them very much, and as their occasional healer, is to do what I can from time to time to assist them with clearing out energy problems, but I can’t singlehandedly change the habits of a lifetime for either of them. That’s up to them. And if you’re overweight, and you’re over 60, you’re going to start having problems with your joints and things because these load bearing parts of the body have been under extreme strain for a long time.

However……techniques like acupuncture, pranic healing, chiropractic, massage, and other holistic techniques can be of great help in relieving pain for a while and helping to restore energy flow to various affected parts of a person’s body. That person still has their “homework” to do, but these techniques can really help.

If you’re having troubles with an “issue” or department of your life like money or relationships, energy isn’t flowing to that part of your life. You’re stuck in old, stale, unhealthy patterns of some type. This happens when we get addicted to doing things the same way all the time, or fear or past trauma prevents us from trying new things and keeping a dynamic and spontaneous flow in that part of our lives. It’s easy to get stuck in a comfortable routine, even if that routine isn’t really healthy for you in the long run.

In my Money Materialization Course I teach people how to identify and work through energy blocks which are affecting self-esteem, and this, in turn, affects many other parts of a person’s life, including relationships and money flow.

You can download the first 30 page lesson for free if you sign up for my free Lipstick Mystic® Newsletter — see the signup form at the right.

If you want to experience greater energy flow and regeneration in all aspects of your life, you need to get moving, make changes, flex your muscles, and try new things. This involves pushing past or moving beyond old trauma as well as being more open to new experiences. Anything that remains stuck or stale in your life will tend to decay and degenerate over time.

Learn how to keep moving, keep growing, and keep experimenting, and you’ll be connecting with the powerful, abundant energy flow of the Universe.


Emotional Energy is the Base of All “Magic”

You might not realize it, but all the time you’re emitting real energy through your thoughts and feelings, and other people respond to this energy.

This is something I’m very lucky to have learned a lot about through my many years of training and working as an actress. A lot of the exercises we would do in class were about learning to tap into different feelings and then projecting them outwards, not just by using our facial expressions and body language, but also by BEAMING emotional energy out as we would perform monologues and scenes with acting partners.

A good actor is easily recognizable. I remember being blown away by a lot of my fellow students and cast members over the years. You’d watch someone do a scene, and even if you had heard the script a hundred times and knew every word of the play by heart, certain performers would just GO THERE and tap into emotional energies so powerful, so hilarious, or so moving that it took your breath away. As an audience member watching a great actor or actress do their thing, you quickly learn to perceive emotional energy as a very real, tangible force that can be projected out at others. A good actor envelops his audience in the emotion he’s trying to convey onstage. It’s all a fascinating process, and theater teachers and coaches almost have it down to a science in how they teach their students to do this.

The problem is, you have to be very comfortable accessing what I call the complete “palette” of your own emotions to be a good actor. (Think of an artist’s palette, consisting of all the colors of the rainbow. An actor needs to be able to access a full range of “colors” or emotions to portray a convincing character onstage, just as an artist needs to master working with a complete range of colors when he paints.)

Accessing a full range of emotions is pretty easy when we’re young, but when we’re older, we get more secretive. We don’t want to get in touch with our real emotions because we learn to repress them and stuff them in order to get through the day and present our best face to others. So what if we just broke up with our girlfriend, our dog just died, or we got into yet another fight over the phone with our mother? It’s time to go to work, and on the job, nobody wants to hear you bitching or see you crying, even if that’s where your emotions are centered that day. So we learn to become these cold and repressed robots.

When you do an acting scene or monologue, that all goes out the window. You will absolutely suck as a performer if you don’t tap into real emotions and let them spill out onstage. And you need to get so good at this that you can do it over and over again, for eight performances a week sometimes, for weeks or even months at a time. It can be daunting stuff. When you’re doing a very dark or serious play the emotional heaviness of what you’re tapping into each night onstage can really bleed into your personal life, making it hard to maintain relationships and friendships since a part of you is always thinking about those dark and depressing scenes you have to play each night. This is why I admire what stage actors do so much, because I know the sacrifices they have to make to be good at what they do and I understand the discipline and the bravery involved with exposing yourself so much onstage.

I learned during my years as an actress that most good actors are natural empaths. They have a type of psychic ability that isn’t talked about very much, which is the ability to tap into emotions in an intuitive way and pick up on the emotions of other people very quickly and intuitively. And they are also something I call “telempaths.” A telempath can also PROJECT emotional energy, for example, at a large group of people who are audience members for a show.

I learned to access both abilities as a performer. I knew my telempathic abilities were really kicking in when I’d do an emotional scene onstage where my character was required to cry or experience some huge, dramatic moment, and people in the audience were really WITH me, often crying themselves. I remember playing a Scarlett O’Hara type of character, a Southern heroine during the Civil War, in a summer stock production down in North Carolina. There was a powerful and haunting scene toward the end of the second act when my character, who had been hoping that her fiance, a soldier in the war, would make it home alive, and she hears some men singing “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again,” off in the distance. In that moment, she knows that some surviving soldiers have succeeded in making the long walk home from the front, and she is filled with fear and hope. She almost doesn’t want to know if her fiance survived, because dealing with the thought of him NOT making it home is too horrible to think about. Yet she’s desperate to know if he is one of the survivors.

The scene just consisted of me having a conversation with someone onstage, and then we stop as we hear the voices of these men off in the distance. And the scene is all me standing there and REACTING, going through a full gamut of emotions, until we finally see the soldiers march in. I worked very hard to project that full range of fear, hope, dread, ecstasy, uncertainty, and so on that a real woman would have been going through in those few seconds. And when I got it right, you could feel this wave of intense emotional angst go through the theater, wrapping everybody up in those feelings of excitement. (Fortunately, my character’s fiance did make it home from the front, and there were happy endings all around. It was actually based on the real history of some of the settlers of that part of North Carolina, so I was playing a real person.)

I was a good actress — not a great one, but a good one, and this is why I usually had leading roles in all the shows I did. You need a strong telempath to lead a show and make everything work as you pool your collective energy to craft a fictitious yet believable “world” with a play or musical. You need the lead to steer the ship, emotionally, as you move through different scenes of a play.

I believe more people need to be taking acting classes, especially in their teens and twenties, because it can help you so much spiritually. You learn how to summon up certain emotional states on command, which is critical if you’re using a metaphysical technique like affirmations or “power prayer” or applied faith. When you’re setting energies into motion and projecting your creative intentions out into the Universe, like when you’re doing affirmations or self-healing or any type of “magic” (what prayer really is, when it boils down to it,) you need to be able to summon up extremely positive emotions and strong energy while you’re doing it. You can’t do it half-assed. You have to make it BIG and make it feel REAL in your heart.

Learning how to tap into emotions on demand really helps you do this, but the only place I’ve ever seen which teaches people how to do this in any real way is the world of live theater. Learning to act for TV or movies isn’t really the same because in those situations everything has to be very small, very minute, and you actually need to learn to do LESS if you’re going to act on TV or in movies. But learning how to project energy and fill up an empty stage and theater simply with the power of your emotional energy is an amazing, life-altering thing, and once you learn how to do it, it never really leaves you. You are learning how to do real magic.

Most spiritual practice misses out on the magic part. You’re just sitting in church saying an occasional prayer and sending out some positive wishes to people while the man in the dress does all the heavy lifting, invoking whichever god you believe in on your behalf. The Native American traditions are much better because they usually involve people dancing, drumming, singing, and really raising a lot of energy together as a group. Live theater is like this, too. It’s quite a thing, for example, performing as a cast member in a large musical production. You become a living cell, part of this huge, dynamic, pulsating, emotionally intense and joyful entity, while you’re in a show. You become a part of something much larger and greater than yourself, and everybody is contributing emotional energy and mental intent and love energy to make it all flow. This is what we should all be doing, ideally, as part of our spiritual or magical practice, where we raise very positive and strong energy together and send it out into the world to create a kinder, gentler, happier reality for everyone.

But you have to get down into your emotions and summon up the right frequencies to do this. And sometimes, to learn to access an emotion like joy or a feeling like confidence or self-love, you also need to become familiar with its opposite “pole” — learning how sorrow or shame or self-hatred feel, too. You can’t really get good at accessing one pole without also needing to process and encounter your own “darkness” or shadow, which is nothing to be afraid of, it’s just another part of the rich tapestry of life as a self-aware and emotional being.

Acting classes, acting training, and working in live theater can really help you access these things in a safe and supportive way, where others around you are doing similar work and create an atmosphere that feels nurturing and fun.

But if taking acting classes or performing isn’t for you, please realize that in order to make your own spiritual practice more vibrant, and your ability to manifest things like financial abundance more successful, you will have to get comfortable with your emotions and learn how to tap into the right feelings at the right time to create the right effect. Be patient with yourself if this is unusual territory for you, as it will take some time to map out this unfamiliar terrain. Because for many people, emotions are still the undiscovered country, the part of themselves that they deny, repress, and fear. And it takes a while to push through those barriers and open up to a more comfortable flow of emotions in your life.

(By the way, there is a therapy technique called psychodrama which can be very helpful in this regard, and finding a therapist trained in psychodrama therapy might be a way to bridge the gap from never allowing yourself to explore your emotions to doing so in a safe and protected environment with a healer on hand to guide you.)


Want More Money? Rest Once in a While. Plus – Fox Pups are Here.

We live in a highly adrenalized society, where we’re always supposed to be on the go, doing, doing, and doing some more. This is why adrenal burnout is so common in the West. We don’t manage our mental and physical energy very well.

In Genesis in the Bible, it says that after God created the world, He rested on the seventh day. Does this mean he was a lazy bastard? Well, these days, if you dare to take an entire day to rest, people will think you are. Or they will pressure you into running errands, doing household chores, and finding ways to keep busy. Because apparently, while rest was good enough for God, it’s not something we mere mortals are ever allowed to engage in.

And what is all this running around like a caged gerbil on a wheel doing for us? Killing us. Making us sick. Making relationships piss poor. Who ever talks with their kids anymore? Who ever sits down to dinner together without spending the whole meal checking their email and text messages?

If we don’t learn to create an “off” switch, when the brain can enter into a relaxed state and the nervous system can truly, fully, chill out, our lives stop having much meaning. Life isn’t fun anymore. It’s all just drudgery.

One challenge a lot of people have these days is to CREATE times for rest. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to force ourselves to SCHEDULE unstructured time. Like, we have to actually go, “On Sunday from 12pm to 5pm I’m not going to do a damned thing.”

Rest is SO foreign to our systems, and other people around us don’t respect our need to rest, so we have to sort of carve it out on our schedule if we want to experience it at all. How messed up is that?

When I talk about rest, I’m not talking about zoning out in front of the T.V., taking a nap, or going to sleep. I’m talking about being awake, but allowing yourself to relax and be in a restful space. Many people don’t even know what this might look like, it’s become so foreign to them. And if you have kids? Fuggedaboutit. You’re probably already caught up in all that programming which has convinced you that your three year old needs French lessons and your six year old needs to be playing sports every freaking minute, and you have to run them back and forth to these activities, preventing you and your husband or wife from ever having a moment of peace.

But you know what? Kids like playing out in the yard with some dirt and some rocks and some twigs. They like looking for pollywogs in rain puddles. They like examining worms and grubs and bugs. They like sitting on tree roots and playing in the wildflowers.

Do you ever let them do any of that?

I’m just asking.

For me, I’ve been through about six months of a certain type of ongoing hell, too much to detail here, and only recently did this hell let up for a while. So I decided to scale things way back and try to rest a lot during what have been some truly gorgeous spring days out here on the farm.

Each afternoon I’ve been putting on my grubbiest clothes, finding some of my cats, and going out in the front yard to lay down with the cats in the tall grass and the dirt and the sunshine and the breeze and the bird calls and the buzzing bees and just. . . be for a while. I’m not really thinking about anything, I’m not sleeping, I’m just hanging out with the pusses and with nature and being on the Earth. With bare feet, to soak up Earth “chi” through my feet.

I encourage you to do this. Even if you look like a fool because you don’t have a yard so you have to do it in a shared courtyard or a public park. Just take IN the glory of nature on a nice day, get outside, get off the computer, leave your phone at home, tune out and rest.

We are SO oriented the other way, towards doing, doing, doing, always forcing ourselves to remain connected by the phone and tethered to other people, who don’t necessarily make our lives any more peaceful. We really need to overcompensate in the OTHER direction to stay well.

When I look around at other people who are always on their phones, these conversations they have with people never seem to put a smile on their faces, make them laugh, or make them happy. Instead, it’s a mom checking in with her 20-something kids arguing over stuff, or it’s a harried dad finding out from his wife what he should pick up for dinner, or it’s just people randomly always having “friends” calling them or text messaging them constantly. . . but these messages they’re receiving never seem to bring them peace or add to their quality of life.

So why even have the phone on?

I’ve watched the slow degeneration of human communication over these past ten years as we moved from cell phones to phones with email and text messagess, and people certainly aren’t any happier with all this “communication” going on.

I have one of those cheap, disposable cell phones, and I couldn’t tell you the phone number because I’m never going to bother to memorize it. You could try to text message me on it, I suppose, but I have no clue about how to retrieve messages or send them. I rarely even talk on any type of phone. I use email throughout most days but my communications are targeted: either I’m handling business stuff or I’m engaging in high quality back and forth dialogue with lovely people, and if neither thing is happening, I’m not on the computer.

Ask yourself, “How can I find more rest in my life? What would I need to change or get rid of? What habits can I stop? What communication patterns do I need to change?”

Because for most people, something’s got to give. People are miserable as shit from all this “communication” going on, it just creates more pressure, and you never get to relax, heal, and connect with the broader world in a peaceful way. Not only is this bad for your health, it’s bad for your wealth, too! Because as I teach in my Money Materialization Course, when you’re focusing on manifesting something like money, you need to do a certain amount of work on the physical level, plus you need to set some clear intentions and energize your creations emotionally, but a critical piece of this process is also LETTING GO. Releasing what you’re doing to the cosmos. Taking some time to shift your focus and to relax and avoid forcing things too much.

But if you don’t know what rest is, you won’t quite be able to grasp that part of the equation.

Go outside. Play with some pollywogs. Find some fox pups. Three days ago I photographed about 12 freshly hatched fox pops at a den at the edge of our property. Look at these little faces and forget about email and phones for a few moments, okay?

PS: I was able to capture a single pup on two different — very short — videos.

Just click on each link listed below, one at a time, and give each video about 30 seconds to a minute to load to your computer. Then your media player (like RealPlayer or Quicktime) should instantly play the video after it loads.

Walking Pup

Pup Walks Along

As I said, each video is very short, just a few seconds long — but savor the fox pup goodness! :)


Unchained at Last and Escaping the Jewish Orthodox Community

In the April 15th issue of the New Jersey Star Ledger there was a sad article detailing what women go through when they are members of the Jewish Orthodox community, especially as practiced in heavily Jewish ares of the U.S. like Lakewood, New Jersey and the Hasidic neighborhoods in New York City.

Fraidy Reiss wrote this enlightening yet chilling article. You can read it here: Breaking the Chains. Fraidy tells her story of how, like other Orthodox women, she was married off at 19 through an arranged marriage. Unfortunately, her husband turned out to be violent, and for the next ten years she and her children remained trapped in a horrible life. Eventually Reiss took the daring route of removing her head covering one day, which caused her family to cut off contact with her and made her rabbis inform her that she should say goodbye to her children, because she was going to lose custody of them as she was seeking to divorce her husband. Apparently, when Orthodox women leave that religion and lifestyle behind them and make other choices, they frequently lose custody of their children because religious law is taken into account in custody arrangements. Usually an Orthodox Jewish court is used to arbitrate these divorce proceedings and the mother who wants to leave Orthodoxy behind her loses out.

Reiss has started a non-profit organization called Unchained at Last, to help women leave arranged marriages and to provide support and information to women like these Orthodox ladies who want to leave bad situations but also don’t want to lose their children. Kudos to her for doing this important work. Unchained at Last provides legal assistance, social services, mentoring, advocacy and awareness to women who want to leave arranged marriages but lack resources and guidance about how to do this. Their website is:

In the same issue of the newspaper there was an article by Elaine Knopp, who also entered into an arranged Orthodox marriage at 19. By the age of 29 she had six children. She lived in Lakewood, New Jersey, and when she finally decided she wanted out of her unhappy situation and stopped wearing her head covering, she was ostracized just like Fraidy Reiss was. Knopp made it out of that situation to start a new life and now serves as the director of Reiss’ non-profit organization, Unchained at Last.

These two brave ladies are shining a light on a little-understood world, the world of women being raised and repressed and abused by religious traditions that are deeply women-hating. In the Orthodox tradition, women are required to sit behind a thick curtain, separate from the men, at synagogue and at parties. Women are to remain covered, compliant, unseen, and silent. There is no room for questioning authority. Every day, first thing in the morning, Jewish Orthodox men pray that they are grateful to God for not making them a non-Jew, a slave or a woman. Orthodox women are discouraged from receiving anything but the minimal level of education, and going to college is out of the question. All of these factors make it very difficult for women who question this lifestyle to ever, ever leave it.

But many women have, including Deborah Feldman, who wrote a bestselling memoir about leaving the Satmar Hasidic sect in New York: Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots. Hers is one of a growing number of powerful female voices revealing just how repressive, demeaning, and abusive living in these closed communities can be for most women.

When it comes to healing money issues through the veil of history, we also need to take a hard, cold look at how many women today are still living in situations which haven’t changed very much since the Stone Age. How can any of us, as women, hope to move forward when so many of our sisters are still in such pain, suffering from such daily emotional and/or physical abuse, and are spiritually battered on all sides by those they love and care about? These women, when they leave the Orthodox community, are shunned, lied about, demonized, and otherwise separated from all that they once loved and were connected to. And this was never their intention, to make that happen. Most of them just wanted not to be abused anymore, or wanted a chance at education, or wanted a chance to be something other than a breeding factory, a cook, and a nameless and faceless THING, which is what is required of women in those communities.

Surely, that’s not asking for much? And what sort of a loving, omniscient and omnipotent “God” would deny this for 52% of the population?


Ask for Real World Fees When You’re Self-Employed

If you’re only ever used to working for an employer for a salary, chances are that you’re clueless about how taxes work for a business owner or self-employed person.

In the U.S., if you’re self-employed, taxes are very complicated. You have to pay a self-employment tax, which is just over 13.3% of your yearly adjusted income after deductions are taken out of the equation. You see, when you work for an employer, that employer pays Social Security and Medicare taxes for you so that one day, after retirement, you will be able to draw on those programs for income and medical care. If you’re self-employed, you have to pay this yourself. You can’t opt out of it. Each year the self-employment tax amount changes slightly; it used to be about 11% of your income, as of 2011, it’s 13.3% of your income. And then you still need to pay your other federal and state taxes, which will vary depending on how many expenses you can deduct.

If you own a business, you may also have fees like a yearly filing fee with your state to keep your business registered. I own an LLC, so I have to file this annual report plus a small fee to the state of New Jersey each year.

Some of the expenses you can deduct from your yearly income to help reduce the amount you pay in taxes include your health insurance and medical costs, monthly office rental, website hosting fees, phone costs, and other expenses related to your business. The key is to keep careful records and receipts for everything and to set up a business bank account separate from your personal money.

Whether you just hire yourself out as a contractor or freelancer and are self-employed or you set up an LLC (as a sole proprietor,) you are quickly going to see that it takes a lot of money each month just to keep your business open.

Traditional employees don’t understand this. But a business owner has to assume 100% of their health insurance costs, which will be enormous if you live here in the U.S. Plus they will have lots of other expenses related to their business.

So when someone like me brings out a product and I charge money for that product, if I don’t charge a real world fee that will allow me to make at least a small profit on each sale, I can’t stay in business.

If you’re just an employee, you don’t have to worry about any of this stuff. You just go in each day and man the phones or sit at your computer doing whatever and somebody else worries about paying the rent and the utilities and stocking the refreshment room, paying your health insurance, and paying your Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Can you begin to see how much ENERGY and CLEAR INTENTION it takes to be self-employed? And how it’s a whole different game from being an employee in a regular business?

If you have your own business or are self-employed, you’ll need to get very quick at calculating costs and fees and deductions in your head because you will always need to have a firm grasp of the numbers. It’s not rocket science. It’s not algebra (fortunately.) But you do need to push past any feelings of being intimidated by math and get used to doing “business math,” which is essential for a successful business owner.

And as a business owner, you’ll need to set real world fees since out of every sale you make you will have to not only pay a lot of taxes, but you will also have many other expenses related to your business, and a portion of each sale will have to pay those expenses.

When people out in the airy fairy New Age world, which is often also people in the wage slave world (those working at a traditional job for a traditional type of employer) complain to me about me charging money for things I create and publish, I’m going to refer them to this article. Because most of them simply have no grasp of the expenses that go into running a business, even if it’s just you working from home by yourself.

Self-employment is still a wonderful path to personal sovereignty, creative self-expression, and financial abundance. But you need to know that you will have to bring your “A” game to the playing field if you want to succeed. You can’t sit back and let others make decisions for you. And you absolutely must demand real world fees for your services and products or you will lose your business very, very fast.


Do You Value Others? If Not, Money Will Elude You

To receive value from others, you need to make sure you are giving value to others.

How does this work?

Well, value can take two forms: a spiritual form, which is love and positive regard, and a tangible or physical form, which in our current society is usually expressed as money.

Most people who are really happy in their relationships are masters at giving love, and so they receive it back in abundant supply.

If you’re “stuck” with relationships and seem to only be manifesting negative people and attack all the time, the trick is to start giving out more love. Even to villains and despots. Even to annoying people. Even to idiots. Dole out more love, even if all you’re doing is silently beaming it at people you see on the street. This sets up an instant chain reaction and pretty soon, people you encounter will be behaving in more loving and compassionate ways toward you.

Money works in a similar way. Give money to others, and more money will be given to you.

In my Money Materialization Course, which includes a free copy of my earlier book, Why Most Affirmations Fail and the Four Building Blocks of Successful Affirmations, I go into great detail about how tithing isn’t just some abstract or quaint concept. It’s a real metaphysical tool to help you manifest wonderful things in your life.

If you tithe in the form of giving love (emotional or spiritual value) to others, you’ll receive it back. If you’re not receiving enough, you’re not giving enough. Or maybe you’re only giving to people within your immediate social circle or family, which is what even axe murderers do, and you need to show to the Universe that you have more ethics than an axe murderer. :) You need to go BEYOND people you already know and care about and give love outside that circle because it’s likely you’ve been too closed off to giving or receiving love from the broader world and the bigger Universe.

If you tithe by giving money, which is a physical expression of valuing someone’s time, talents, or energy, you receive more money back. Again, giving money to your kids or immediate friends or family usually isn’t enough. You should tithe to people outside that little selfish circle of people. Yes, it’s selfish to only give to immediate friends and family. You’re not connecting with the bigger world and the Universe watches closely and pays attention and will soon decide that it doesn’t want you to have abundance flowing in from alternative sources, broader sources, out in the world. You need to be more generous than that and to give value (in the form of donating money or donating time and services) to people who are strangers. Show that you have a big heart, that you’re not living in lack, that you have something useful to give, and demonstrate that compassion in real ways.

THAT’S when the flood of abundance opens up in your life on every level.

Now, a lot of people I work with actually have the opposite problem. They have been giving and tithing TOO much, and people around them have gotten used to this and are acting as energy vampires, sucking them dry. They might be constantly stealing emotional energy (by calling you all the time in an emergency expecting you to drop everything and solve their oh-so-important problems.) Or they could be constantly hijacking your financial prosperity by demanding money all the time (kids do this all the time to their parents long after the age of 18.)

In this case, if you’re giving too MUCH, you actually need to give LESS to come into a state of balance. You need to set boundaries, learn to say no, and to be a little more cautious and calculated about how and where you tithe.

This was what I had to learn how to do after many long years of being drained dry emotionally from people calling me round the clock with “just one more” emergency, expecting me to talk them down off the ledge for free. And this was what I had to do when I stopped contributing so much free material at discussion forums. (I learned that one after I had contributed hundreds of free pages of material, teaching type posts about cool metaphysical stuff, to great applause at one forum. And then I finally published a book people had been begging me to write and offered it to everybody there at a discount, charging them the discounted rate of $9.99. And everybody turned on me and demonized me for daring to charge money. I saw that I made a mistake assuming that these people had ever truly valued me. Sometimes, you need to set a dollar value on your time and your services FIRST, and if people respect you enough to pass through that gateway, you can consider becoming more generous to them.)

So, it’s all about balance.

The point is: if you set up a chain of VALUE in your life, and you value others by expressing love and/or by tithing in the form of giving money or services, value will be given back to you.

But if you aren’t giving to anybody but immediate friends and family, you aren’t opening up to the broader, more abundant Universe, and your money flow will become stifled.

And if you are giving TOO much of your vital energies away from free and don’t have a way of requiring people to return value to you (like through charging money for your time and work,) and things are out of balance, you won’t receive enough money flowing into your life, either.


Changing Your Resonance to Connect with More Prosperous Energy

In Lesson Eleven of my Money Materialization Course I talk about how important it is to change your resonance if you want to manifest greater abundance for yourself.

If you’re resonating with pain and lack, you’ll find it harder to succeed.

If you can start connecting with feelings and situations of plenty, you’ll unconsciously draw more prosperous situations toward you.

Resonance is basically the field of energy, the frequency of money expectations and financial manifestation, which you maneuvered through when you were growing up and which you are moving through now with the people you’re interacting with today. It’s the type of energy that you connect to on a regular basis, sort of your “home vibration.”

Also in my course I talk about how we each have a financial baseline. If you want to manifest more money, increase your creative flow to generate new income streams, and enhance your overall financial wisdom, you have to shift your financial baseline to make it more positive.

Even if you grew up wealthy, chances are that you are not yet experiencing as much wealth as you could on your own, through your own efforts. So you probably still need to shift your financial baseline.

There are a lot of simple things you can do to gradually start shifting your financial baseline so you begin to resonate with greater and greater levels of prosperity.

Before I moved to a huge, luxurious property, I had been in the habit of going for a daily “abundance walk” in Princeton, where I was living at the time. I was renting a tiny, cramped apartment, but it was in the middle of a really gorgeous area. I lived right across the campus of Princeton University, which is a total Hogwarts/Harry Potter type of campus. And then I was within a few blocks of the “mansion district,” a wealthy area of truly gorgeous, huge, magnificent properties and estates. By taking a daily walk through these beautiful areas of town I was able to start resonating with the belief that I could eventually live somewhere truly lovely and prosperous. It really helped prepare me, mentally and psychically, to one day make that change.

It’s important to surround yourself as much as possible with people, places, and things which resonate with abundant and lovely energy. Even if you’re living somewhere terrible, try to look at works of beauty like artwork or nature or wonderful books as much as you can. You need to pump up the inspiration and the excitement about life, stimulating your belief that you can change your circumstances over time.

You’ll know that you’ve begun to change your resonance when you start to spontaneously connect with better people, nicer situations, and more abundant and harmonious settings.

It’s a process. Start working on it today, and let the magic happen!


This is the Way the World Ends, Not with a Whimper but with a Bang

Sometimes prostitution is the most lucrative way for women to make money. And it works for guys, too.

In “show business” I saw people hiring themselves out for sex not just to get a role in a TV, movie, or stage production, but also to simply pay the rent. If you want to be a serious actor you have to go to auditions in New York or L.A., both expensive places to live. I remember back in the mid-1990′s a tiny, skeevy, half bedroom apartment (it didn’t really have a full size bedroom, just a space where you could put a small bed) in a bad neighborhood in Manhattan was costing my friends $1500 or more rent per month. Nowadays? Fuggedaboutit. I imagine the same apartments go for $3000 a month now.

When you’re waiting tables at night and on weekends and attending auditions during the day for potential acting jobs, $1500 becomes almost impossible to come up with. And that’s AFTER TAX money. So you really would have to make $2000 or more to afford $1500 in rent. And forget about little things like food, transportation, and utilities.

So many of my actress friends and acquaintances began taking up work with various “escort agencies” around the city. The really pretty ones could make as much as $500 to $1000 per “gig.” A gig was sometimes just spending one night with a guy, or more often, it was entertaining a businessman who was at an out of town conference for a few days, helping him forget about his fat, unhappy wife and out of control kids back in the suburbs. These “johns” were usually nice enough to the girls.

The women I knew who also worked as models made a lot more from “escorting.” Wealthy clients like Saudi oil dudes or Fortune 500 CEO’s would hold events where these models were hired to show up and look pretty. And some of them would be “selected” to go behind closed doors to provide some personal entertainment, making thousands of dollars per gig or even more.

These women made the most when a celebrity or minor celebrity was indulging his or her coke habit and was in a mood to spend a lot of money, fast. They’d hire clusters of girls to provide fun at private parties, require some of them to perform various sexual acts, and sometimes they’d “treat” them with a free trip to the Bahamas or to Europe, where they would also be expected to provide “services.”

These women would return home to their crappy, bug-infested, over-priced apartments in those bad neighborhoods and long for a “Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman” type of happy ending.

But it never happened.

The more ambitious actresses sometimes managed to work the casting couches, sleeping with agents, directors, and managers, and get bit parts on shows like E.R. or Ally McBeal and a host of other shows which were being filmed back in the 1990′s and early 2000′s. But they rarely got roles where they spoke more than a few lines. They were considered part of the “whore” class, on set girls and boys who were pretty, sexually amenable, and available for rent. And it wasn’t easy to graduate from that “class” to the role of having major speaking roles, although actresses like Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger, Kathleen Turner, and a host of others (allegedly) moved from paid companion to starring actress in movies.

I’ve always made it a habit of doing the OPPOSITE of what everybody around me is doing, which often works to my disadvantage in some ways.

But I’m glad I never took any of the directors, TV hosts, assistant directors, popular comedians, or others up on their “offers” over the years.

And I’m glad I didn’t end up staying in New York, either. It tends to grind people up and spit them out, especially if you’re in the performing arts.

I saw so many genuinely talented, beautiful men and women thinking that sleeping with a director or turning a few tricks for pay was going to be the start of a real career in show business. But those “few tricks” always led to more and more tricks since the money was so good. And that was the beginning of the end.

Their acting careers started with a whimper and ended with the wrong kind of bang.


Do You Object to Being Sold To?

Do you object to people trying to sell you stuff?

We’re all so saturated with ads and marketing these days, it does get very annoying, doesn’t it?

I’m one of those people who always turn the commercials off when I’m watching TV. Not only are they about 10 times LOUDER in volume than the few shows I like to watch, they just drive me bonkers with all the intense visual flashing and fast cuts from one shot to the next. It gives me brain disorders!

However, when I subscribe to a newsletter published by an author I admire, and that author is coming out with a new book, I LOVE to get an alert from them about their newest publication. Because buying their books is something FUN which ADDS to my life, so I appreciate this information.

I’ve run a lot of different email newsletters over time, and I have to admit, I’m always hesitant to fully “exploit” my newsletters by letting my subscribers know about every little thing I’m selling or publishing.

Because I sell primarily in the self-help niche, and this group of people is EXTREMELY touchy about money. A big percentage of people on my lists believe that all information should be free and that if you publish about anything covering topics like holistic health, metaphysics, or spirituality, then you DEFINITELY aren’t allowed to charge money.

Because, I guess, people who write and publish on these subjects should all just be living on a mountain top with their goats, subsisting on vapors, as they contemplate the ascension of their physical bodies and leave behind the cares of the material world.


Pardon my French.

If you don’t like my writing or my books or my courses or my artwork or the other things I sell, fine.

I might not like what YOU do for a living, either. Maybe I think you’re a total whore for working at a major pharmaceutical company whose prime directive is to put as much poison into people’s bodies as possible. Maybe I think you’re a complete asshole for working in the banking industry, since banks have stolen billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money, and the reason why they needed the money is because they MISHANDLED the taxpayer’s money. So we gave them billions more to replace what they lost.

But chances are, I’m not going to march into your place of business, confront you at your desk, and call you a cunt to your face.

Yet that’s what people do to me, constantly — the moment I allow comments at my blogs. Sometimes they send these comments to me after they have already subscribed to my many free newsletters, and I’ll send them some nice, carefully written, free reports (which I spent a lot of hours creating), and then I might happen to mention a new product I’m selling, and then it’s all, “CUNT! CUNT! MONEY GRUBBING CUNT!”

Or words to that effect, anyway. They certainly carry the same ENERGY of abuse as those nasty, salty words.

If you hate being sold to, you have two choices.

Support the businesses you believe in, and ignore the others.

Or go and try to find a mountain top and some goats to live with as you slowly starve and either hope that the aliens pick you up and whisk you off to another world, or angels will come and take you off to Paradise, or whatever.

If you choose to live here, in a physical body, you will have to deal with money. You’ll need it to survive. Other people will need it to survive.

And to punish or abuse people who are running ETHICAL businesses, who aren’t poisoning the masses with chemicals (you pharmaceutical employees) or supporting a completely corrupt financial system (bank tellers, Goldman Sachs employees), is just — well, insane.

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