Women Hating Doesn’t Help Women Become Prosperous

When it comes to healing around prosperity issues, we need to always be aware of history. Humanity has a long, bloody, and mean track record as a species. No other species is so wantonly cruel and abusive to other members of its species — and yet, we like to think of ourselves as the most “highly evolved” species living on this planet. Ha ha! (She says, laughing bitterly.)

Here in the West we all like to go around pretending that we are a progressive and modern society and that events still relatively recent in our past (like the Jewish Holocaust of World War II, the enslavement of black people around the world, and the decimation and genocide of the various aboriginal and indigenous tribes of the world) are magically over and done with. Black people should get over any feelings of having had their entire genetic line victimized by white people, right? We’re in a post-racial society now. (Whatever that means.) And those Jews, they just HAVE to keep bringing up the Holocaust, and shouldn’t they be over that by now? And Native Americans still consigned to living in desperate poverty without heat and electricity on all those reservations here in America? Well, we don’t hear from them very much, so they must be doing fine.

(Insert another bitter laugh here. Yeah, right!)

Help REAL Lakota Elders Living in Desperate Circumstances

If you want to put your extra money to REALLY good use, check out the dire circumstances that just a small handful of Lakota elders are forced to put up with right now out in South Dakota. (See the link above where you can find information about how to help them.) They don’t have a huge charitable organization looking out for them (those charities give very little money to the actual people who are suffering.) These are just individual people a very nice woman in the UK has met personally and tried to help out. Most of them have very limited shelter, heating and other critical resources. And they basically have no voice because you don’t hear about their suffering in the news. Throughout my 43 years of life, I can count on two hands the amount of stories I have heard about Native Americans in the news, and it’s usually a story talking about their history and their past, not their very sad present-day suffering.

Meanwhile, Snooki and Lindsay Lohan are in the news every day.

Any disenfranchised group who has been purposefully, psychopathically destroyed and abused is going to have deep psychic and emotional wounds stemming from the history of their people. Even if the next generation or the generation after that finds itself living in improved circumstances, they still carry a lot of negative beliefs, depression, and subconscious feelings of limitation stemming from all the suffering their people went through.

You can’t just wave a magic wand and make it all go away.

White people HATE to hear this stuff because we have had it so good for so long, and we just tend to think, “Why can’t people just shut up about this stuff already and move on?”

They can’t move on because there are still so many people IN these dire situations around the world. And even those raised in relatively good conditions compared to the past, like today’s African-Americans, are still bearing the psychic scars of everything their people have been through.

I’d be fucking pissed off pretty much all the time if I were a black person living today.

I would probably have gone ballistic already and shot up a government building if I had been raised Native American and forced to witness the purposeful decimation and subjugation of my people — which is STILL going on in the U.S. today.

And then we come to. . . . WOMEN.

Whenever women speak up these days about injustices that women are facing in various parts of the world, we’re either seen as bitches or “feminists” (and somehow it’s not cool to identify as a feminist these days.)

Get over it, assholes. If you think things are rosy for women these days, even in the West, even amongst wealthy and privileged women, you are fucking clueless.

I’ve been lucky to have a pretty damned good life, yet I deal with sometimes crippling conditioning and limiting beliefs within myself because I’ve been told a million times how weak, stupid, dumb, etc. I am because I happen to have a uterus. My politicians want to tell me I’m a slut because I enjoy sex and use birth control. God forbid I have an abortion, God forbid I decide not to be married and have kids. We’re still allowing these messages to dominate our cultural discourse, which is no different from what my mother was dealing with back in the 1950′s and 1960′s.

Not a FUCKING THING has changed. It’s only changed here and there, in bits and pieces.

And here in the West our situations are marvelous compared to what most women are experiencing all around the world. There are entire countries — continents, practically — devoted to forcing their young women to undergo female genital mutilation (slicing off most of the clitoris) so they can remain “clean” and not end up being killed as witches or shamed into having to leave their homes. Much of the Middle East and Africa is still doing this to young girls as they begin to reach sexual maturity. In frank terms, this means these women will never experience a full orgasm.

These same rules would NEVER be applied to men. Let’s slice off your penises so you can never have an orgasm. Nobody would be buying into that religion, right? But it’s okay for women to be abused and mutilated in this way.

I want you to read about one brave young woman’s plight as a Pakistani whose family regularly beat her and abused her and tried to push her into an arranged marriage she didn’t want and what she had to do to break free of their abuse. Many commenters on this article say that her experiences are NOT common across the entire Muslim world, that her experiences stemmed from certain cultural traditions, not religious ones. So try to leave religion out of the equation as you read this and just look at how CULTURAL TRADITIONS are still creating monstrous, mind controlled parents who pull this type of shit on their daughters.

Sabatina James: Why My Mother Wants Me Dead.

Stories like hers are very common, but few of the women dealing with this stuff are allowed to write, to speak, or to talk about what they’re going through in the media. We repress these stories very heavily, partly due to so much of the media being afraid to carry any hint of criticism towards certain practitioners of Islam out of fear that terrorists will immediately blow them up. (Even though that’s just the lunatic fringe who do that stuff, not the majority of Muslim people.)

Sabatina James went through unbelievably harsh circumstances in her life just because she was female.

We need to understand that sensitive women around the world resonate with the woundedness that other women are experiencing around the world, and it makes us STEAMING MAD.

And this is why so many women refuse to consider any of the bozos running for the Republican ticket here in the US Presidential election as viable candidates, because ALL of them have proven to hold many extreme, cult-like, anti-women views. And no intelligent woman wants to live in a country run by men like this, and they don’t want their daughters and granddaughters living in such a country either.

We are not that far from the harsh realities of what the Sabatina James’ of this world have experienced, and we feel this acutely.

For women to heal their prosperity issues, it takes MUCH more work than if they were born male. From day one of their lives they have loads of garbage programming forced upon them about how they are worthless (except as sex objects and to please men) and how they shouldn’t be allowed to make informed decisions about whether to procreate or not. This conditioning DEEPLY affects things like self-confidence, self-love, creativity, and a willingness to take risks — which are all necessary if you want to truly become financially abundant and build multiple streams of income.

In my continuing “Healing Money Issues Through History” articles I’ll be going into some of these difficult, heart wrenching, societal “blind spots” we still have as a species, which deeply affect different groups of people and their ease around becoming more prosperous.

These articles are not about BLAME, although abusive people should always be called out for their behavior and justice does need to be served in this world. But they ARE about understanding the cultural, religious, racial, and gender-based underpinnings of very common “wounds” we all carry. It’s only through identifying these wounds that we can begin to heal them and emerge into the truly prosperous, spiritually and financially sovereign beings we were all meant to be.



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